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Why people need a lawyer when filing a divorce online

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Divorce

The internet has made navigating various legal processes easier. People can do a degree of research online before they make choices that could affect their lives for years to come. They can read about different attorneys who could potentially represent them online.

In some cases, they can even file the necessary paperwork to initiate legal proceedings digitally. When someone intends to pursue an uncontested divorce in Texas, they may potentially have the option of filing the initial documents online. Those initiating a contested or litigated divorce have to file in person at the courts typically or have their lawyer handle that process.

The ability to file from a computer may give people a false sense of confidence about rushing through the divorce process without help. Even those hoping to pursue an uncontested divorce in Texas may benefit from consulting with a lawyer at every stage of that process.

Uncontested divorces involve significant risk

In a litigated or contested divorce, spouses can count on having a Texas family law judge review the terms that they set and apply state law to their situation appropriately. In an uncontested divorce, spouses cooperate with one another and only need a judge to finalize the terms that they set.

Certain requirements in a litigated divorce, like full financial disclosure, may not apply in an uncontested filing. People are there for at risk of highly unfair terms, especially if their spouse attempts to hide resources or otherwise manipulates the divorce process. A lawyer can inform someone of their rights and educate them about the law. They can also review the marital estate and the proposed settlement to let someone know if the terms are unreasonable or unfair.

Additionally, a lawyer can manage the process of executing necessary paperwork, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of mistakes that could delay the divorce process. Finally, those with a lawyer representing them may have an easier time achieving an uncontested divorce, as the lawyer can assist them with the negotiation process as they attempt to settle matters.

Recognizing that uncontested divorce filings require legal guidance may benefit those preparing for divorce proceedings in Texas. Even an online divorce filing requires the support of a licensed attorney in most cases.