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Proper Courtroom Attire

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

When you appear in court, you should wear appropriate business attire. You should dress neatly, and exercise common sense when you select clothing and footwear for court.

Recommended clothing is as follows:

  • A business suit
  • A dress (dresses that are sleeveless should be accompanied by a blazer, jacket, or cardigan)
  • A skirt with a blouse or sweater, or tailored slacks with a professional top or blouse
  • Khakis or similar dress pants with a collared dress shirt
  • Nice jeans with a dress shirt, blouse, or sweater

Do not wear shorts, tank tops, ball caps, or T-shirts. Do not wear flip flops, Crocs, or other “casual” footwear. Dress sandals for women are typically allowed, but may not be accepted in all courtrooms. If you wear jeans, do not wear jeans with holes, rips, tears, or fraying.

Women should avoid low-cut tops and short skirts or dresses.

Your hair should be combed and neat, and make-up should be worn in a professional, non-excessive manner. Your hair should be colored only natural colors (e.g., no pink, blue, orange, green, etc.).

Some courts are more relaxed than others with regard to dress code, but each court can exercise its own judgment on the propriety of attire and may make orders on a case-by-case basis.

Your appearance in court may be the very first, or one of the few times that the Judge in your case sees you. Your attire should reflect that your case is important to you, and that you took the time to properly prepare for your court appearance. Inappropriate or unprofessional dress can appear disrespectful towards the Court/ Judge (who will be making decisions about your case).