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Helping Families Reach Fair Resolutions For Child Support

When parents divorce, they face many new financial challenges. Child support can provide for their children as they grow, but reaching a fair arrangement for these payments can be a challenge.

Attorney Lacey N. Richmond has nearly 10 years of experience helping families work toward child support orders that provide for their child while also protecting their financial health. We offer guidance and personalized legal strategies to families in Brazoria, Galveston, Harris and the surrounding counties. We also provide representation in child support cases throughout the State of Texas.

How Much Will You Pay In Child Support?

The exact amount of child support you pay depends on the income of the parent paying support, the needs of your child, and the number of children you support. Texas law provides guidelines for the percentage of your income you may pay in child support. Parents supporting a larger number of children will pay a greater percentage of their income. There are also percentage reductions for parents who have children in more than one household.

It is important to remember that your income is only one factor that the court considers when determining child support. The court may consider a variety of other details, including the cost of child care, special needs or disabilities your child has, the cost of extracurricular activities, and costs associated with traveling to see the child in long-distance visitation situations.

Can You Change Your Child Support Order?

Over time, your situation and your child’s needs will change. Thankfully, the court can modify your child support order to reflect those changing circumstances. Changes to your employment or income, your insurance coverage, your child’s health and many other significant life changes could be cause to modify your support order.

What Happens If Your Child’s Other Parent Does Not Pay Support?

Unfortunately, parents may not always be willing or able to follow the requirements of their child support order. Children may be left without financial support, and the receiving parent may struggle to meet their needs. Thankfully, custodial parents can take legal action to recover unpaid child support.

Offering Answers To Your Questions About Child Support

Whether life changes have left you with questions about child support or you want to ensure that your order continues to support your child as they grow, Richmond Law Firm, PLLC, is ready to help.

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