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Fees and Billing

Hourly Rates for Attorneys and Staff

The hourly rates charged by Richmond Law Firm, PLLC are as follows:

  • Lacey N. Richmond
    $350 per hour
  • Associate or Contract Attorneys
    $275 – $350 per hour
  • Paralegals
    $150 per hour
  • Legal Assistants
    $100 per hour

Retainer Fees

The retainer fees required by Richmond Law Firm, PLLC generally range from $3,500 to $7,500.  The exact retainer fee required for a case will be determined by number of factors, which includes, but is not limited to the complexity of the case, case settings and deadlines, necessary case-related travel, and expenses anticipated in the case.

What is a Retainer Fee?

A retainer fee is a deposit of funds paid to the Firm in advance.  The retainer fee will be held by the Firm in a trust account. The fees and expenses incurred that are related to the client’s case will be billed against the trust account, usually once or twice a month.  When the fees and expenses are billed against the client’s trust account, the client will be sent a request to replenish the client’s trust account.  The client is expected to replenish the trust account to a predetermined minimum balance (most often the original retainer amount) each time the fees and expenses are billed against the client’s trust account.  A retainer replenishment request will be sent to the client identifying the replenishment amount that is required.


Richmond Law Firm, PLLC accepts a variety of payments, including cash, check, credit cards, money orders, and cashier’s checks.

Additionally, clients may utilize the Pay Later option through Law Pay | Affirm, which offers financing options for your legal services.

Payments can be remitted using the following secure payment link:

When remitting payment through this link, please include the client’s full name in the Reference box.